Do I Still Need a Medical Recommendation?


In 2018, Californians will be able to purchase cannabis for adult use, without a medical recommendation. However, Organic Kind has opted to remain a medical cannabis collective, so you will still need to have a valid recommendation in order to order with us. This decision benefits you in many ways, because, as a medical cannabis collective, we are able to:

  • Guarantee lower prices due to taxation in comparison to adult use
  • Provide higher dosage edibles and products
  • Dispense larger amounts of smokable flowers

We understand that the medical recommendation is an additional expense for you each year, so to help negate that cost, we are offering a free gram for each patient that renews their medical recommendation with our partner, HelloMD. Click this link in order for an easy and convenient medical recommendation from the comfort of your own home, for only $49.

Heather Hanford